Chris Tucker Was Why I Got Into Standup

That may be an embarrassing phrase to utter nowadays, but at the time, when I was a 10 year old devotedly watching the Def Comedy Jams (I got a pack of all of the VHS’ off of Ebay for like 20 bucks), Chris Tucker was a god to me. Strictly because of this bit. I thought it was the funniest thing I would ever see, and for a kid who performed a lot (I grew up doing a lot of plays and shit cause i’m short and white and, simply said, went to a lot of “nerdy” schools growing up) it was insane to see a crowd respond to a person like that. So this is my all time favorite bit, if just for the fact that it made me want to do it myself.

Yeti Confetti

Hello. Im not sure how you found this, but i’m glad you did. It validates me spending this minute of my life writing this, although ironically at this point I have wasted almost ten seconds of YOUR life. But then again, who am I to decide what a waste of time really is? Maybe the time we spend at our jobs is meaningless and the real meaning only comes from the random meandering of the internets. Probably not though. Anyways, my name is Travis, I love and do music and comedy. I’m sure there’s a less awkward way to word that, but I’ll be honest, i’m a bit stoned right now. So this is where I will deposit things. Things I do, but more then that, things that I like. Shit that makes me go “Ohhh coool” or “OH SHIT!” or even “Ha”. And if your wondering what Yeti Confetti is, it is when a Yeti eats too much Burger King and shits diarreah into the air. Yes, I just made that up, but hell, its the best answer your going to get for now. Much love!